Policies & FAQ’s

Do you require a deposit?

For stays of 30 days or longer we require a deposit of 50% upfront. We recommend that you make reservations as early as possible to ensure your pet‘s accommodations. Holidays and summer vacation are especially busy. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What are your check in and check out procedures?

Check in and check out is available anytime during our hours. If you are checking in for the day, please arrive at least a half an hour before closing time. Check out before 10am will not incur a charge for that day. Check out times do not apply to pets being bathed or groomed. If someone other than you will be picking up your pet, please leave us permission to release your pet to another party. Note that all hours may vary around holidays. Please check with our office to make arrangements for Sunday, Holidays and after hours accommodations. Prepayment will be arranged at check in for those times. 

What should my pet bring for boarding?

We provide comfortable cots or orthopedic bedding for our older guests with freshly laundered bedding and sanitary food and water bowls. We do accept bedding, blankets, or crates, etc. from home. Toys and chew bones are welcome. We have a variety of items for sale in our gift shop. We must limit personal items to two (2) per stay, and request that you identify all of your pet’s belongings (including toys and chew bones) with your pet’s name in indelible marker to avoid mix-ups. We cannot be responsible for the replacement or return of lost items.

What are your immunization requirements?

For the safety and well-being of all our guests, basic immunization is required for dogs and cats. Dogs must present records current for DHLPP, Rabies vaccinations and Bordetella immunization. We highly recommend Canine Influenza (H3N8 virus).

Bordetella reduces the likelihood that your pet will contract one of the many varieties of this airborne virus. It must be given at least two (2) weeks prior to your dog’s stay in order to provide maximum protection. As this vaccine is a live virus, it may produce a mild case of the virus in some dogs.

Cats must present current records for FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations. We require that your cat has also received immunization for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeIV) or has tested negative for the virus within the past year.

What is your flea & tick policy?

To keep all of our guests “pest free,” each animal will be examined for fleas and ticks upon arrival, and will be bathed or dipped if necessary at your expense. 

What is your dirty pet policy?

Please be reminded that we have your pet’s best interests at heart. If your pet gets too dirty while on nature walks or simply exercising on his run, we reserve the right to bathe your pet, at your expense, before he goes home. Due to hygiene reasons, if 2 or more of your pets are boarding together in the same space, they are required to be bathed before leaving, at your expense.

Can you administer medication?

If your pet is on medication, we will be happy to administer most medications and treatments at a nominal charge. Mark all medications with your pet’s name, dosage and condition being treated.

What happens if there is an emergency?

In the unlikely event your pet becomes ill while with us, we reserve the right to seek veterinary care for which you, the owner, will be fully responsible. If we are unable to make arrangements with your veterinarian, we will contact our veterinary service. Please provide us with telephone numbers to reach you and your representative in the event of an emergency.

Can you handle pets with specials needs?

Yes. Please alert us to any recent illnesses your pet may have suffered or of any special temperament problems we may experience so that we are equipped to manage any situation which may arise.