Additional Services

Transportation (Pickup & Delivery) 

Belquest Kennels offers the convenient option of pickup and delivery for a nominal fee. To and/or from your home, work, veterinarian, airports, etc. Advanced notice for any transportation is required.

Relocation Services & International Shipping 

Belquest is very experienced in all facets of continental and international shipping. We will be able to take care of the entire process, from booking flights, airline approved crates, all health and/or international documentation, including delivery to our local airports: BWI (Baltimore Washington International), IAD (Washington Dulles International) and DCA (Washington Ronald Reagan National).

Pet Identification: Microchipping & Tattooing

Microchipping: Microchips are about the size and shape of a grain of rice and are implanted between your pet's shoulder blades in a process similar to a routine vaccination. Each microchip contains a unique number that corresponds to a national pet database. Vital information about your pet, including your name, address and contact information, is stored in that database. Most veterinary hospitals and animal shelters have electronic scanners capable of reading these microchips. If your lost pet is found, his or her microchip can be scanned and you will be contacted. Microchips we offer: HomeAgain, Avid, Microchip ID Systems.

Pet Tattooing: An identification number is tattooed on your pet's body. This number, along with identifying information about you and your pet, is stored in a national database. If your pet is found, his or her tattoo can help animal shelters and veterinary hospitals contact you and return your pet home.

Breeding Services for the Dog Fancy

We offer breeding services for all breeds for natural breeding, including stud dog collecting, shipment of fresh chilled semen, and artificial insemination (AI).

Health Clinics at Belquest

At Belquest, we offer several Health Clinics each year with visiting specialists. Find out dates of our clinics and other events.


For your convenience, the Belquest Boutique carries a variety of pet supplies, including collars, leashes, toys, treats and grooming supplies. Purchase your pet a new toy, or ask our groomer which brush or shampoo to use to keep your pet's coat healthy in between grooming appointments.