AM CH Belquest Conclusion's Banana Hammock

BORN: 1-16-14
AM BISS GCH. & BISS CAN. CH. Gateway’s Nothin But Trouble BISS AM CH Julsby Hey Good Lookin' (Y) AM CH Eickholt Mojo O'Crosswinds (Y)
Belquest On A Whim to Julsby (Y)
AM CH Gateway's White Dove Yellow AM CH Lobuff Bobwhite at Chucklebrook (Y)
Hyspire Gateway Major Chord (Y)
AM. GCH. Conclusion's Banana AM CAN CH Castlewood's Just Do It AM CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley (Y) (UK Import)
AM CH Castlewoods Catch Me If U Can
Ch. Conclusion's Sage RN Allegheny's Biscotti
Allegheny's Labwell Jollity



4/8/17 SEL BOBOH Shawnee KC Judge Danny Seymour

2/18/17 SEL MD KC Judge Nikki Riggsbee

2/14/17 AOM Westminster KC Judge Terry Stacy

2/12/17 AOM LRC Piedmont Judge Michael Woods "Waterdog"

2/11/17 AOM LRC Piedmont Judge Clare Senfield "Allegheny"

10/30/16 SEL/BOBOH Carroll KC Judge Bettyann Hale

10/29/16 SEL/BOBOH Group 3 Carroll KC Judge Col. Joe Purkhiser

10/23/16 BOB Upper Potomac Valley KC Judge Joe Walton

10/22/16 BOB Group 4th Laurel Highlands KA Judge Jan Paulk

10/16/16 BOBOH Group 1 OH RBISOH National Capital KC Judge Sumiko Ikeda

10/14/16 SEL/BOBOH Group 1 OH RBISOH Catonsville KC Judge Dr. Elliot More

8/6/16 SEL/BOBOH Roanoke KC Judge Paula Hartinger

8/5/16 BOBOH Roanoke KC Judge Roger Hartinger

8/4/16 SELBOBOH James River KC Judge Robert Shreve

8/3/16 BOBOH James River KC Judge Edd Bivin

7/9/16 BOS Upper Marlboro KC Judge Terry DePietro (J Sun Farms

7/8/16 BOBOH Northeastern MD KC Judge Frank Washabaugh

7/3/16 BOBOH Tidewater KC of VA Judge Carolyn Kraskey

7/2/16 SEL/BOBOH Southern MD KC Judge Denny Mounce

6/26/16 BOBOH Group 1 Virginia KC Judge Gregory Anderson

6/25/16 BOS/BOBOH Group 1 Virginia KC Judge Elaine Lessig

6/12/16 SEL/BOBHO Skyline KC Judge Sue Goldberg

6/11/16 SEL/BOBOH Group 2 Skyline KC Judgre Terry Stacy

6/5/16 SEL Shawnee KC Judge Sheree Moses

6/4/16 Group 2 BOB Shawnee KC Judge Robert Stein

3/27/16 SEL AOM BOBOH Bronx County KC Judge Eileen Ketcham (Groveton)

3/26/16 AOM Mid-Jersey LRC Supported New Brunswick KC Judge Karen Helmers (Paradocs)

3/6/16 BOB/ BOH Group 3 MD Sporting Dog Judge Mary Ann Czerwinski

3/5/16 SEL/ BOH MD Sporting Dog Judge Debra Thornton

2/21/16 BOS Maryland KC Judge Delores Burkholder

2/20/16 BOS Maryland KC Judge Douglas Johnson

1/21/16 BOBOH/OHG2 Annapolis KC Judge Elaine Whitney

1/16/16 BOB Group 2 Greater Fredericksburg KC Judge Dr. Daniel Dowling

1/15/16 SEL Greater Fredericksburg KC Judge Karen Wilson

12/10/15 SEL Central FL KC Judge Joanne Paulk

11/29/15 SEL Northeastern MD KC Judge Laurie Doumaux

11/27/15 BOB Chesapake KC Judge Charlene Trost

11/21/15 WD/BOW Rock Creek KC James Moses 3 pts

11/20/15 RWD Rock Creek KC Judge Charles Olvis

11/8/15 WD/BOBOH/OH Group 2 Mispillion KC Judge Karolynne McAteer 3 pts

11/4/15 RWD Talbot KC Judge Betty-Anne Stenmark

10/16/15 1st Am-bred Mid-Jersey LRC Judge Sherry Anderson (Sher-Mi)

6/7/15 RWD Skyline KC Judge Matin Doherty

6/6/15 WD/BOW Skyline KC Judge Col.Jerry Weiss (Lobuff) 1 pt.

5/31/15 WD/BOW Shawnee KC Judge Michael Looby 2 pts

5/30/15 RWD Shawnee KC Judge Elaine Lessig

5/28/15 1st Sweeps 15-18 Greater Pittsburg LRC Judge Allison Bates (I Spy)

5/29/15 1st 15-18 Greater Pittsburg LRC JudgeJim Russell (Hyspire)

5/28/15 1st 15-18 Greater Pittsburg LRC Judge Dr Karen Helmers (Paradocs)

5/28/15 1st Sweeps 15-18 Greater Pittsburg LRC Judge Cheryl Little (Whisperwind)

3/1/15 1srt MD Sporting Dog Assoc. Judge Clare Senfield (Allegeny)

2/8/15 1st Sweeps LRC of the Piedmont Judge Kevin Conway (Thornwood)

2/8/15 1st LRC of the Piedmont Judge Linda Vaughan (Simerdown)

2/7/15 1st Sweeps LRC of the Piedmont Judge Sheree Pasket (Cornerstone)

2/7/15 1st LRC of the Piedmont Judge Cheri Conway (Thornwood)

1/11/15 1st Charlottesville-Albemarle Judge Linda More

1/10/15 RWD Greater Fredericksburg KC Judge Elizabeth Muthard

1/9/15 WD/BOW Greater Fredericksburg KC Judge Charles Olvis 3 pts

1/8/15 1st Northern Neck KC Judge Gloria Kerr

1/7/15 WD/BOW Northern Neck KC Judge Robert Whitney 3 pts

12/13/14 RWD AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Judge Houston Clark

12/12/14 1st LRC Regional Speciality Sheree Paskert (Cornerstone)

12/12/14 BEST PUPPY LRC Regional Speciality Judge Carl Leipman (Triple-L)

12/11/14 RWD Cental Flordia KC Judge Gloria Geringer

12/10/14 1st 9-12 Brevard KC Judge Robert Slay

12/9/14 1st 9-12 Space Coast KC of Palm Bay Judge Bud DiDonto

11/30/14 RWD Northern MD KC Judge Diane Jones (Jollymuff)

11/29/14 Best in Sweeps Chesapeake KC LRCP supported Judge Kaki Fisher (Frakari)

11/29/14 RWD Chesapeake KC LRCP supported Judge Janet Farmilette (Mijan)

11/23/14 1st 9-12 Upper Marlboro KC Judge Mary Ann Alston

11/22/14 RWD Rock Creek KC Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman

11/21/14 WD/BOW Rock Creek KC Judge James Noe 1 pt

11/16/14 1st 9-12 Greater Atlanta LRC Judge Clare Senfield (Allegheny)

11/16/14 1st Sweeps Greater Atlanta LRC Judge Dawn Nacey (Empress)

11/15/14 1st 9-12 Greater Atlanta LRC Judge Nancy Arbuckle (Hunt Club)

11/15/14 1st Sweeps Greater Atlanta LRC Judge Nancy Chargo (Banner)

10/11/14 RWD Catonsville KC Judge Mariano Gatica Gomez

10/12/14 1st 6-9 National Capital KC Judge MaryAnn Czerwinski (Broadway)

10/8/14 1st 6-9 LRC Specialty Judge Lewis Bayne